Weddings & Baptisms

How to Book Weddings and Baptisms (Christenings)

We welcome those who live in the parish of Great Yarmouth (or have a connection with the parish or the Minster) to marry or have a child baptised. 

Bookings for Weddings and Baptisms and the calling of Banns of Marriage should be made on Saturday mornings between 10 and 11am in the vestry at the Minster. 

Please note that we are required by law to see, and retain a copy of, the Bride & Groom’s passport information at the time of booking a wedding. 

We also welcome applications from people who have been previously married. In this case it is best to telephone either the Team Rector or one of the Team Vicars to discuss the possibility of marrying in the Minster before coming to make the booking.  Please use the contact page to find the details that you need.

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