What is a prayer labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a guided prayer walk.  They were first used in the 12th Century when maze-like paths were marked out on cathedral floors.  They are a symbolic journey giving space to relax and think about our relationship with God and others.  Unlike a maze you cannot get lost in a labyrinth and just follow the path as laid out with the various stations to stop, read, look, pause and pray.

Easter Reflection in the Labyrinth

Come and take a prayerful walk around the Labyrinth which is now set up with thoughts on the Resurrection stories of Jesus.  The stations are:

Be still and prepare

Mary Magdalene meets the Risen Jesus

Meeting in the Upper Room

A Fish Breakfast

Jesus Appears to Two Disciples on Road to Emmaus


You can walk the labyrinth any time the church is open.

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